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Live In Motion

Designed with the go-getter in mind, Motion weaves sustainability and performance into every piece to fit everyone’s way of life.

Performance throughout the day

For individuals who want versatility in their wardrobe, Motion blurs the line between activewear, wear-to-work, and wear-to-play. These pieces are perfect for running up that hill or running errands; going out and hanging in; going to work or heading off into nature for a while.

Easy care materials

Everyday activewear with unique easy-care properties. Want to stay dry? We’ve got you covered with quick-drying styles. Don't have time to iron? Non-iron and wrinkle-resistant tech is our forte. Whatever it is, there is a piece out there to match your pace.

All-around protection

Staying fresh, staying protected. Anti-microbial fabric helps keep you feeling fresh in select styles. Let the sun shine down without worry, pieces with UPF help keep harmful UVB and UVA rays at bay. Protection is built-in, so you can stay in motion. 

Ultimate comfort in motion or at rest

Comfort in every piece. We make clothing that feels like a second skin to keep you going no matter what you do. We indulge in soft-touch fabric and adjustable construction, knowing you deserve all-day comfort.

Sustainably sourced, ethically produced

Always in motion, towards our common future. You care about our planet and the choices you make. We do too! Sustainability is woven into every product we make with properties such as recycled polyester, sustainable cotton, and low-impact materials, to name a few. 

Fall 2023

Drape yourself in luxurious jewel tones and warm earth tones of our Fall 2023 collection.
Stay in motion with comfort and style, shop Motion on Amazon.

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